Our Journey

Herbal Blessings, Everyone! I am so excited to be apart of the Shalom Healing Garden Group. This is a group of eight wonderful women that have set out, together, to learn about herbalism and have a common foundation in it. We’re from all different walks of life and have varying experiences with herbs and natural healing. One thing that binds us is the Blood of Yeshua and the testimony of His ever saving grace.We agreed to take the course from Sage Mountain, The Art and Science of Herbalism, written by the reknowned herbalist, Rosemary Gladstar. So we agreed to take this journey together and to complete it together, in about a year.

Wow, what a trip! Most of us knew each other for years before this, and as a sisterhood, we’ve had some rocky times. This year of studying together, in my opinion, helped us to work through and work out, our trials and triumphs, together. No matter what we were dealing with individually, or with another sister, we continued to meet at the agreed upon day and time each month, give or take, come what may. We learned so much about each other, the good, bad and the ugly. I wouldn’t change the experience for nothing in the world!

Today, we are still striving to be conduits of Christ’s love and healing, together. This group has became a source of inspiration and a counsel of righteous wisdom for me. I hope that through this blog, that people will be inspired to create more herbalist groups for their communities and search out the hope and healing that is in the Messiah.

(This is a picture of some of our S.H.G. sisters with Rosemary Gladstar)

Peace, Love and Herbs!

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  1. This is such a great picture of us all. I enjoyed every minute of our herbal workshops, esp the bonding of us all. We really learned a lot about each other that we had not previously known. I pray we continue to get to know one another in Messiah’s love. I laughed soooo much that weekend. I could not get enough, everyone really warmed my heart. I am excited to see where our journey with herbalism takes us and me. 🙂


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