Can You Dig it?

God has seasons and cycles and it behooves us to recognize them and be in sync.  When the shackles of our eyes are falling and societal mufflers are taken off,  we can experience the unity of God in creation within us around us and under our feet!

At this time of year, in the North, most plants have come to fruition, fulfilling their potential.  Their flowers have bloomed and shown their glory. Once the plant bears fruit and seed, the energy goes back to its roots.  Roots carry the life force of a plant.

What is a root anyway? It is an original source of the plant. It’s the part that attaches itself to the ground or a support, typically underground conveying water and nourishment to the rest of the plant through its numerous fibers and branches.

Herbs such as burdock’s roots are harvested during this time of year. Other root vegetables, such as beets, potatoes, carrots, and yams are ready to be harvested, also. There are various methods that are used to harvest roots, depending on how deep they are, for deep roots such as burdock, you first need to dig around the plant to begin loosening the dirt and the plant. Then use a pitch fork/hand trowel to loosen the dirt in twisting motions. Issues in our lives individually and societal, all have roots and we must recognize that it takes more than one method to dig out the roots of oppression or of abuse, etc.

When we consume these roots at this time of year, they assist us in grounding. They build up our blood and gives us the inert energy we need to survive the winter.They also provide vitamins and trace minerals such as vitamin C ,iron, folate and vitamin A , and B vitamins that assist us at this time.

We also plant roots and bulbs at this time of year, so they are ready to bud at spring time, like garlic, onions, horseradish, goldenseal, solomon’s seal and ginseng.

These herbs and vegetables need to grow through the process of thawing and freezing. 

This fall, as we dig up roots that are nourishing to consume and make us whole, we  must acknowledge our elders and ancestors that have laid the groundwork for our successes today. Let us also consider the digging up of roots that are not always in the best interest of the garden. Roots of so called “weeds”  can strangle and /or take away nourishment from the crop. We pull these out in the fall, turn over the soil and lay down hay and other mulch so that the ground is ready for planting in the spring. We must do the same thing in our lives and world today, dig up the roots of oppression, stagnation and injustice out of our communities, so that we are ready for a more holistic and socialistic growth of prosperity.

Getting our plants in the ground in the Fall helps their roots to establish themselves before winter. In the Fall, we tend to settle in our dwellings. We are reminded to plant our roots,to come down, slow down…conserve energy. We are to lay the groundwork and support for new projects, relationships, routines and campaigns that will benefit our health and infuse new growth into ourselves and society. Let’s go beyond sustainability- and make the world better than what we found it!

“Radical Simply Means Grasping Things at the Roots” Angela Davis

It’s SOUL Organic!

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